Project Description

Introduction to Big size terrazzo floor tile press machine:

  • It is used for producing Big size terrazzo floor tile with thickness of 20-30mm.
  • The whole set adopts PLC computer control and automatic operation.Imported hydraulic and electrical components assure the operation stable.
  • Drainage and exhaust during the wet pressing process ensure the density of terrazzo floor tile,also avoid the appearance of pores.
  • The common size are 800X800mm, 1200X600mm, 1600X800mm, 600X900mm,etc.suitable for indoor floor and wall decoration.

Feature of Big size terrazzo floor tile press machine:

  1. Terrazzo floor tile has many advantage:high density, high strength,low water permeability,accurate size,etc.
  2. Raw materials are low cost. It use cement, stone powder, gravel, etc as materials.
  3. Big demand of market.
    Terrazzo floor tile can be used in indoor floors, indoor walls, external walls, communities, hospitals, schools, subway stations,etc.
  4. High invest-return ratio.

Parameter data of large terrazzo floor tile press machine

Model 600 800 1200
Motor Power 11 kw 11 kw 15 kw
Daily capacity 2000 pcs 1200 pcs 1000 pcs
product size 600*600mm/ 600*300mm 800*800 mm/1200*600mm 1200*800mm/ 800*800mm
Machine weight 9000kg 16000kg 22000kg

The process of terrazzo floor tile press machine:

  • Raw material coarse sand cement in good ratio
  • Bucket type elevator machine transport materials into mixer
  • Wheel type mixer machine mixing
  • Quantitative constant feeding machine(doser) dosing control the thickness and weight of cement products
  • terrazzo tile press machine pressing
  • floor oof tile pallet

Picture of Big size terrazzo floor tile after press:Big size terrazzo floor tile

Note: For more smooth terrazzo tile , Linear type terrazzo tile polishing Machine can be used for polish the pressed cement floor tile.

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