Project Description

Introduction to Linear type terrazzo tile polishing Machine:

  • It is ancillary Machine for indoor high grade big terrazzo tile production.
  • Adopted fully automatic PLC control,Linear type terrazzo tile polishing machine can be used for polishing big terrazzo floor tile from rough grinding to fine grinding.
  • The final terrazzo floor tile furface is very smooth and bright, so it is very popular by indoor high grade decoration industry.

Concrete terrazzo tiles

The Feature of Linear type polisher machine:

  1. The size of big plank for polishing is length less than 1.5m and width less than1.2m .
  2. Different grades of terrazzo tile can be produced,depending on the number of grinding heads.
  3. Controled by microcomputer, it has fast speed and high stable performance.
  4. Equipped with an industrial air-conditioning system,The electric control box can ensure the electrical components running stabley in long-term.
  5. With the unique air pressure system ,the breakage of the plate can be reduced greatly,More importantly, it improves the production efficiency to some extense.
  6. The unique two-section beam design reduces the load-bearing of the side beam, So structural deformation can be avoided, in some extense, it  also prolongs the service life of the machine.
  7. Imported components and refined accessories are adopted , so this type polisher machine have low failure rate is very low,and service life of can be more prolonged.

Technical data:

Model 1000-12
Motor power 79.6kw
Capacity 300 sq.m/8 hours
Terrazzo tile size width ≤1200mm
Operator 5 persons
Floor areas 200 sq.m
Raw materials Diamond Grinding Block /Resin Grinding Block
Weight 11.3 tons

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