Project Description

Introduction to large terrazzo tile production line :

  • large scale terrazzo tile production line can manufacture high grade big size terrazzo tile,artificial stone,other products.
  • And Raw materials can be gravel or Crushed Stone, Cement, Stone Powder, Color,Water, Other Chemicals, which are low cost.
  • Hydraulic pressure filter molding system and automatic demoulding system,So it is easy to operate.
  • Because The final big terrazzo tile has high quality ,To some extense, it can be comparable to natural marble after polishing .
  • More importantly,It have very wide application fields , for example, Road Pavers, Squares, Gardens, School,Hosipital, Shopping Mall,store,museum,metro/bus station,City Constructions, etc.
  • Besides, different size big terrazzo tiles can be made by moulds changing.
  • Therefore,It is ideal production line for concrete terrazzo tile construction.

Production line configuration:

elevator and mixer doser machine Big size terrazzo floor tile press machine Linear Type Terrazzo Tile Polishing Machine
Bucket elevator and JJQ1000 mixer machine Doser machine Big size terrazzo tile press machine Linear Type Terrazzo floor Tile Polishing Machine

Production flow :

large scale terrazzo tile production flow

  • Firstly, prepare raw materials gravel or Crushed Stone, Cement, Stone Powder, Color,Water, Other Chemicals in some ratio.
  • Then add materials into the elevator bucket.
  • After that, transport raw materials in mixer machine for 5-10 minutes stirring.
  • Next ,Mixture materials from mixer  go into doser machine to get quantitative material for press moulding.
  • After that, Materials can go into big terrazzo tile forming machine through quantitive feeder.
  • Then the high density cement floor tile can come out by high hydraulic press machine.
  • Next,To get  high grade terrazzo tile, So Linear type terrazzo tile polishing Machine can be used to polish smooth big terrazzo brick.
  • Finally make package and sell concrete terrazzo tile in the market.

Display of big Concrete terrazzo tiles:

Concrete terrazzo tilebig Terrazzo floor tile

Basic knowledge for raw materials ratio:

cement : stone dust = 1:1.5~2.0 (weight) or  water : cement = 1:0.25~0.35.

So Please note that the water should not be too much, otherwise, cement tile will stick to mould.
of course,Suitable little chemical material can be added.Therefore,you can put some pigment together with raw material to make tiles with colors.

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