Project Description

Concrete terrazzo tile press machine introduction:

  • Terrazzo tile press machine can produce cement floor tile.
  • The raw materials can be cement,stone dust,and gravel, which is low cost and easy to find.
  • Final cement product sizes are : 300×300 mm,400×400mm,500×500mm,600×600mm. and the thickness can be adjustable.
  • Taiwan Delta PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface)system.
  • High automaticity, easy and simple to handle,high production efficiency
  • The final terrazzo tiles are mainly for laying family yard, sidewalk, square, school floor,hispital floor etc.
  • It is Professional equipment for cement floor tile industry.

Feature of Concrete terrazzo tile press machine:

  1. Control cabinet panel: manual and automatic control is optional arbitrary , complete various function buttons, LCD display
  2. Layout of the control cabinet: compact and reasonable ,imported computer PLC and electromagnetic relay to ensure the long-term stable use of electrical appliances.
  3. Work station swing control:180-degree swing oil cylinder to ensure
    that the work slide movement position is accurate, no shaking plus equipped with cushioning function.
  4. Guiding system of the floor tile press machine:
    4 guiding devices are equipped in machine column, the lifting and lowering parts, also the rising and the falling parts of the grinding frame.
    It can make accurate size of final terrazzo tile ,and reduce the wear of the machine.
  5. Frame of Brick press machine:
    The upper and lower frames of the brick press are heavily designed. The column using solid core round steel is heat treated and plating treated to ensure that the main frame of the brick press is not deformed or cracked. The effect is far from comparable to that of the square tube welded column.
  6. Mould: The mould made of CR12 mold steel. The hardness up to 60 degrees after heat treatment, and 1 million bricks can be produce without replacement.
  7. Hydraulic cylinder

Parameter data of cement stone sand terrazzo tile press machine:

Model 400 500 600
Motor power 7.5kw 7.5kw 11kw
Capacity /8hour 2400 pcs 2000 pcs 1600 pcs
Product size 300X300mm
Worker QTY 3 3 4
Rated pressure 200 ton 250 ton 400 ton
Weight 6.2 ton 7.65 ton 9.35 ton
Raw materials Cement, stone powder, rice stone, pigments Cement, stone powder, rice stone, pigments Cement, stone powder, rice stone, pigments

Note:These type press machine can produce cement floor tile with size 300-600mm.For big size tiles such as 800*800mm, 900*600mm, 900*900mm, 1000*1000mm, 1200*600mm, etc, please turn to our Big size terrazzo floor tile press machine.

Other accessories machines for terrazzo tile production:

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