Project Description

Concrete terrazzo tile polisher machine Rotary type introduction:

  1. Concrete terrazzo tile polisher machine Rotary type is to polish rough cement terrazzo floor tile from cement floor tile press machine to make surface smooth, pores, waterproof, moisture-proof and non-alkali.
  2. With 6 stations and 5 grinding discs No.1-5,it can not only meet the quality requirement at one time,but also produdction efficiency of the polisher machine is very high.
  3. Daily production capacity can arrive 350 square meters nonstop,and monthly capacity can do over 10,000 square meters.
  4. The conversion station,the grinding disc rotation, and the water supply are all automated. Therefore This Rotary type polisher machine can complete all the work of rough, medium and fine grinding and polishing at one time.
  5. High degree of automation,This polisher machine is obvious to save labor, electricity, labor intensity, space and cost.

Detailed images display of Concrete terrazzo tile polisher machine Rotary type:

Turntable transmission ring gear GRINDING HEAD Tray brake of polishing machine Tray of polishing machine
Turntable transmission ring gear:heat- treated, more smoother coordination, and freely rotation Grinding head of polisher machine: The whole machine has 5 grinding heads, respectively installed with diamond grinding blocks and resin grinding blocks. Tray brake of polishing equipment: To realize an instant stop under the action of the brake. Polishing machine tray : Bricks that need to be polished are placed on the tray and the grinding plate of the grinding head drops for polishing

Technical parameter of concrete terrazzo tile polisher machine:


3040 4050


Motor power

25.5kw 33kw


Daily Production capacity

3000 pc 2400 pc


Size of terrazzo tiles 300X300mm






Worker QTY

2 2


Floor area

≥100 sqm ≥100 sqm

≥100 sqm

Dimension weight

3.7 ton 4.5 ton

5.8 ton

Note: Each model polishing machine can grind two types terrrazzo tile , and the size (width and length) cannot beyond the maximum size

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