Project Description

Introduction to Light concrete precast wall panel extruder machine:

  • The fumction of precast wall panel extruder machine is to produce lighweight non-load bearing partition wall panels.
  • The materials can be 32.5# ordinary Portland cement, the perlite, industrial slag,fly ash, various ceramsite ceramic sand, water slag, pumice, and waste plate head recycling materials, etc.
  • Low carbon steel wire (dia 1.8-5mm) can be added according to client special inquirement.
  • 450-550 square meters per shift per day for daily capacity.
  • Light concrete precast wall panel produced have wide application in construction, such as apartment buildings, schools and hotels ,bathrooms, kitchens and shower rooms,etc.precasted, non-load bearing partition wall panel

Structure of precast non-load bearing partition wall panel extrusion machine:

structure of Light concrete precast wall panel extruder machine

Working principle:

Through V-shape belt pulley,the main motor transmit power to the reduction gearbox, so as to make the auger turn in the molding cavity consisted of frame, vibrator and pedestal.

While working, The auger turns according to the the given rotary direction in the molding cavity, continuously delivering the mixed materials in the hopper to the forming space, with the both screaming strength from the spiral reamer and vibrating force from the vibrator, the materials are being squeezed into compaction, and at the same time also the anti-force is also produced on the turning auger so that the extruder keeps forward to form the concrete into the slab. Through the molding scraper in the rear part of the machine, polish the surface of the slab smoothly to meet the requirements.

Parameter of Lightweight non-load concrete precast wall panel making machine:

Model Wall panel size(mm) Hole
Main& vibrate
JQT9*60 90×600 7*58 4+0.8 2600*900*750 942
JQT10*60 100×600 6*68 4+0.8 2600*900*750 956
JQT12*60 120×600 5*88 5.5+1.1 2600*900*820 1044
JQT15*60 150×600 5*100 7.5+1.1 2500*900*880 1192
JQT18*60 180×600 5*108 7.5+1.5 2500*900*880 1350
JQT20*60 200×600 12*68 7.5+2 2500x1000x860 1478
JQT23*60 230×600 10*58 7.5+2 2600x1000x880 1692

Ancillary Machine of precast wall panel production:

raw materials for wall panel Concrete dosing machine js500 concete mixer machine electric feeding dumper
wall panel application 2 layer wall panel for exterior wall cutting machine for cement wall panel Movable type Concrete Wall Panel Production Line

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