Project Description

Introduction to Double-layer cement wall board equipment:

  • This machine function is to produce or manufacture double layer hollow core light partition plate board with thickness 150-230mm.
  • This technology can overcome the shortage of thin partition machines with a single hole thickness of 90-120MM.
  • Double-layer cement light weight wall board is mainly applied in exterior wall projects.

Features of double layer light partition plate making equipment :

  • No penetration of the board due to openings and grooves When laying pipelines on the wall;good sound insulation and heat preservation effect because of The structure with two rows of holes arranged orthogonally and orderly
  • Used in the junction of thickness 200mm shear wall or thickness more than 200mm beam,to ensure the overall interior decoration effect because the wall at the junction is flat.
  • Reduce production costs and simplify production and installation processes.

Parameter of double layer light partition panel making equipment:

Model Hole&diameter(mm) Motor power(kw) Speed(m/min) Dimension(LxWxH mm) Weight(kg)
150×600 Double layer 16x¢16-40 7.5+1.1 1.3-1.5 2500x1000x860 1278
200×600 Double layer 14x¢3-48 7.5+1.1 1.3-1.5 2500x1000x860 1478
230×600 Double layer 10x¢14-58 7+2 1.3-1.5 2600x1000x880 1692

The supporting machines for Double layer cement wall panel production:

Concrete batching machine JS500 concrete mixer machine materials dumper double layer wall panel machine concrete wall panel cutting machine 2 layer precast concrete wall panel
Concrete batching machine Mixer Feeding dumper double layer wall panel machine Cement wall panel cutting machine double layer cement wall slab

How to manufacture Double-layer cement light weight wall board:

Firstly, Concrete batching machine start sand stone cement assignment proportion procedure ,

After that materials can go into mixer machine to complete mixing.

Next, mixture materials will drop into feeding dumper from the mixer discharge port.

After that, feeding dumper will transport the materials to Double layer concrete wall panel production bed.

There, dump the materials into the hopper of concrete wall panel machine.

After that, Double layer cement wall slab machine will start to work along the rail.

Finally,the cement wall panel can come out, also the cutting machine can do cutting 24 hour later.

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