Project Description

Introduction to Precast Concrete Wall Panel Production Line:

  • It refers to semi auto complete line from raw materials to final precast cement wall board.
  • and Raw materials choice one is Cement ,fly ash,slag,perlite,building wastes and so on ; and Raw materials choice two is common concrete. But The choices depend on local materials resources.raw materials for wall panel
  • while reinforcement wires is optional ,because Concrete Wall Panel is non bearing load panel.
  • In addition, the machine adopts extrusion technology, which can ensure density &smooth surface of the panels.
  • and Using hydraulic lifting system, It is easy to revolve during production.
  • Also,Anti-rust technology can ensure the stable running of machine.
  • and cement wall panels are formed by extruding and vibration moulding .
  • To clarify,After the materials into hopper, the spiral auger will squeeze the concrete to froming cavity.Meanwhile,By continous vibration, the surface of panel will became soomth and compact.
  • Besides ,Main spare parts include Spiral auger,Vibrator,Motor ,Gearbox and forming plates etc, which have long service time.
  • More importantly,Daily capacity is 450-550 square meters per shift.
  • Therefore, it is efficiently precast wall panel production line.

Many models can be choice.

  • Besides, Popular models are JQT9*60,JQT12*60,JQT15*60,and JQT20*60,etc.
  • And Custom-made lightweight wall slab can also be made. Lightweight wall panel specificationsL T cement wall panelprecast wall panel drawing

Related machines of this line :

Besides wall panel extruder machine,This line also inlcudes Concrete batching machine, mixer machine, dump feeder and concrete cutting machine,etc.Precast wall panel production chart

Working sites of Precast Concrete Wall Panel Production Line.

Before production, we will provide you foundation drawings;while production solution and free technical guild are available when production start.Therefore the clinets can get professional service.

cement wall panel production line precast cement wall board production line precast partition wall production line precast concrete wall slab production line

Concrete Wall Panel application in construction site:

  • for partition wall of various buildings,for instance,school, hospital,hotel ,office,apartment and so on.
  •  as fence or boundary wall.
  •  as infilled wall in frame structure,shear wall sturcture and steel structure,etc.
wall panel application concrete boundary wall precast house with cement wall panel

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