Project Description

Introduction to Precast wall panel installation machine:

It is for installing various wall panels, for instance,the common concrete wall panels, EPS wall panels, AAC wall panels and other interior and exterior wall panels. clients also call it Partition wall panel lifting machine, and It is good light-weight partition board installation equipment.


  1. compact design structure and flexible walking on the construction site.
  2. equipped with electro-hydraulic lifting, automatic partition board pick-up, 360 ° flipping and positioning, accurate positioning and safety lock when shutdown, etc. –
  3. Easy opeartion and saving manpower.
  4. It is a light-weight partition board installation equipment to ensure construction safety.

Technical parameter of cement wall panel installation machine:

Model 40 60
Max  installation height of wall panel 4 m 6m
Max installation weight of wall panel 400 kg 550kg
Power unit voltage 48V 60V
Continuous working time 8-10 hours 10 hours
Battery Volume 100Ah 100Ah
Dimensions 1900/760/1800mm 2800/1100/1800mm
Weight 600kg 950kg

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