Project Description

Introduction to Precast hollow core wall slab forming machine 120×600:

  • Precast hollow core wall slab forming machine is called concrete wall panel extruder machine.
  • It can produce precast hollow core wall slab.
  •  And Raw materials can be industrial ash and slag, fly ash, coal gangue, pumice, shale and haydite,etc ,while 1.8-5mm low carbon steel wire can be optional.
  • Because Final non-load-bearing Lightweight wall panels have more smooth surface and good apperance.
  • Besides, hollow core wall slabs are maily used for the partition wall of all kinds of building,such as school,hospital,hotel ,office building,apartment and so on.
  • Therefore, it is ideal machine for precast industry.

Machine structure and pictures:

different parts of precast wall panel machine12x60 12x60precast wall panel machine feed auger

Technical data of Precast hollow core wall slab forming machine120x600:

Wall panel specification (mm): 120×600
Cost hole rate (%): 32
Hole number&DIA(mm):5*88
Main motor(kw): 7.5KW
Vibration motor(kw): 1.1KW
Weight(kg): 1044

Working principle of Precast hollow core wall slab forming machine:

  • Cement wall panel Machine combines the function of feeding, vibration, forming and demoulding in one to produce lightweight cement wall panel .
  • Firstly,Via the pulley,the Main motor transmits the power to the reduction box. then, the output shaft of the gearbox drives the auger to rotate in the molding cavity, which is consisting of its frame (wall plate), vibrator (vibration body) and bench.
  • When the lightweight mixture from the hopper is continuously transported to the molding cavity, and continuously squeezed and compacted Under the dual action of auger and vibrating vibrator.
  • At the same time, the compact panel produces one reaction force against auger, which pushes the extruder to move forward, so as to realize continuous plate making.
  • Through the molded scraper at the rear of the machine,the smooth cement wall panel is produced.

Our machine in clients workshop:

Before production, we will guild clients with a complete set of technology and solution for the producing flow. While ,For the basement, Concrete basement or steel basement can be choice for clients. However, the guilances are available always during the production.

working site of 12x60 wall panel extruder machine wall panel12x60


delivery of 12x60 wall panel extruder machine

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