Project Description

Introduction to Concrete beam machine for door window opening:

  • Concrete beam machine for door window opening is called cement column, concrete pillar machine,etc.
  • It is new type machine for manufacturing pre-stressed concrete column for door and window in urban and civil construction projects.
  • Using cement,sand and stone as materials, it can produce hollow,solid,reinforced or non-reinforced concrete piles.
  • Compared to tradtional method, the new concrete beam making machine can get high strength column, fast speed ,good quality.the save of time & materials  and reduced labor intensity.
  • The constrution date can be reduced because of precast beam use!

Technical data of prestressed beam machine for door window opening:

Model Motor power Dimension Weight Speed Hole &diameter
120×240 3+0.8 kw 2100x520x670mm 640kg 1.2–1.4m/min 2×70 mm
120x240x2 4+2.2 kw 2100x750x670mm 960kg 1.2–1.4m/min 4×70 mm
120×370 4+1.5 kw 2100x650x670mm 810 kg 1.2–1.4m/min 3×70 mm
120x370x2 5.5+3 kw 2100x1020x670mm 1320 kg 1.2–1.4m/min 6×70 mm
180×240 4+1.5 kw 2100x520x670mm 840 kg Column 5 Value 5 1x100mm

How to produce Precast concrete beam:

cement beam production line

Firstly, Concrete batching machine  start sand stone cement assignment proportion procedure ,

After that materials can go into mixer machine to complete mixing.

Next, mixed materials will drop into feeding dumper from the mixer discharge port.

After that, feeding dumper will transport the materials to concrete beam production bed.

There, materials will be dumped into the hopper of concrete beam machine.

After that, Cement beam machine will start to work along the rail.

Finally,the cement can come out, also the cutting machine can do cut 24 hour later.

Working of prestressed beam machine for door window opening: production of concrete beam

Application of concrete beam :

precast beam for door window cement beam for door window

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