Project Description

Introduction to Precast concrete lintel machine:

  • Precast concrete lintel machine is called Cement purlin machine or precast concrete purlin equipment.
  • And Materials are cement,sand and stone,etc.
  • and concrete lintel machines can produce pre-stressed concrete lintel or purlin 2-6 lane one time.
  • And The final lintel or purline is Hollow,solid,reinforced or non-reinforced.
  • Compared to tradtional method, the new concrete purlin making equipment can get more high strength purlin, faster speed ,and better quality.
  • Therefore,Cement lintel forming machine is an ideal equipment for urban and civil construction projects..

How to produce Precast concrete lintel:

cement beam production line

Beore normal production, firstly, Cleaning the producing bed.then painting parting agent.Next, distribute steel wire and fix.after that,tensioning the steel wire.On this case, the normal production will start and Work procedures as follows:

Firstly, Concrete batching machine  start sand stone cement assignment proportion procedure ,

After that, materials can go into mixer machine to complete mixing.

Next, mixed materials will drop into feeding dumper from the mixer discharge port.

After that, feeding dumper will transport the materials to Cement purlin/lintel production bed.

There, materials will be dumped into the hopper of Precast Cement purlin/lintel machine.

After that, Precast Cement purlin/lintel machine will start to work along the rail.

Finally,the Cement purlin/lintel can come out, also the cutting machine can do cut 24 hour later.

Technical data of Precast concrete lintel machine:

Model 60x110x130 60x120x140 60x140x160 60x150x170 60x160x180 60x180x200
Motor power(kw) 4+1.5 kw 4+1.5 kw 4+1.5 kw 4+1.5 kw 4+1.5 kw 5+2.2 kw
hole/diameter (mm) 4/30mm 4/30mm 4/30mm 4/30mm 8/30mm 8/35mm
Lane No.(pc) 4 4 4 4 4 4
Molding speed(m/min) 1.2-1.4 1.2-1.4 1.2-1.4 1.2-1.4 1.2-1.4 1.2-1.4
Dimension(mm) 2100x800x650 2100x840x620 2100x960x650 2100x960x650 2100x1000x650 2100x1080x670
Weight(kg) 840 860 920 940 1000 1200

Precast concrete lintel production and application:

concrete lintel production sitecement lintel application for house roofing

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