Project Description

Introduction to Concrete pillar machine for vineyard:

  • Concrete pillar machine for vineyard is called cement grape pillar machines,precast pillar machines, cement pole machines, concrete grape pillar machines,cement grape pile machines,cement grape pole machines, cement shed pillar machines, cement greenhouse pillar machines, cement strawberry pillar machines, cement Dragon fruit post machine, cement kiwi pole erecting machine and cement fruit stump machine.
  • The machine can walk and molding automatically;and It can produce 2-6 lane one time.
  • The Common models include: 60X80mm; 60X100mm; 60X120mm; 70X70mm; 70X80mm; 80X80mm; 80X100mm; 100X100mm; 100X120mm; 120X120mm; 150X150mm; 180X180mm,etc.
  • The final pillar can be solid, hollow, and  can be cut at radom for convience transportation.
  • Besides,The Concrete pillars have wide application,for instance, vegetable greenhouse shred, vegetable awning, grape rack, strawberry rack , Kiwi frame, fruit tree stumps, breeding sheds for chickens, ducks, pigs, minks, foxes, etc.
  • Therefore, it is professional cement product equipment.

How to produce Precast cement Vineyard Pillar:

cement beam production line

Beore production,Please prepare cement sand stone materials and steel wire, then clean production bed,Painting parting agent and Distribute the steel wire.After that, the production can start.

During production:

Firstly, Concrete batching machine start sand stone cement assignment proportion procedure ,

After that, materials can go into mixer machine to complete mixing.

Next, mixed materials will drop into feeding dumper from the mixer discharge port.

After that, feeding dumper will transport the materials to Precast cement Vineyard Pillar production bed.

There, materials will be dumped into the hopper of Precast cement Vineyard Pillar machine.

After that, Precast cement Vineyard Pillar machine will start to work along the rail.

Finally,the cement can come out, also the cutting machine can do cut 24 hour later.

cement Vineyard Pillar for vegetable greenhouseconcrete pillar for grape rack

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