Project Description

Introduction to Precast concrete H Shape Column machine:

  • Precast concrete H Shape Column machine is called Cement fence post machine ,wall column machine, concrete fence column machine, cement H-shaped beam machine.
  • Using cement, sand, and stones as materials,It can be used for producing cement fence post,concrete H Shape Column,smooth and flat, hollow, solid, reinforced and non-reinforced.
  • The Cement H fence post can be used for for  boundary wall, highway guardrails and mesh wall cement columns,etc.
  • The advantage is fast construction, short construction period, sturdiness and durability, low project budget,importantly, it is easy to disassembly,and resuse for future.

Parameter data :

Model HoleQty/hole diameter Speed Motor power Remark
150x150x2 2*¢30(mm) 1.2–1.4(m/min) 5.5(kw) Matching 50mm slab
180x240x2 2*¢30(mm) 1.2–1.4(m/min) 5.5(kw) Matching 80mm slab
200x220x2 2*¢42(mm) 1.2–1.4(m/min) 7.5(kw) Matching 90mm slab
220x270x2 2*¢42(mm) 1.2–1.4(m/min) 7.5(kw) Matching 120mm slab

How to produce Precast concrete H beam:

cement beam production line

Before production, firstly, Cleaning the producing bed,then painting parting agent,then distribute steel wire and fix,then tensioning the steel wire.After that, the normal production will start.

Firstly, Concrete batching machine start sand stone cement assignment proportion procedure ,

After that materials can go into mixer machine to complete mixing.

Next, mixed materials will drop into feeding dumper from the mixer discharge port.

After that, feeding dumper will transport the materials to concrete H beam production bed.

There, materials will be dumped into the hopper of concrete beam machine.

After that, Cement H beam machine will start to work along the rail.

Finally,the cement beam can come out, also the cutting machine can do cut 24 hour later.

Display of Precast concrete H Shape beam Column

cement H beam precast H beam for fence wall

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