Project Description

 Introduction to Hydraulic concrete wall panel machine 90×600:

  1. Hydraulic concrete wall panel machine 90×600 adopts low cost materials, for instance, fly ash,slag,perlite, ceramsite ,pumice,building waste
  2. Machines not only contain Hydraulic lifting system ,but also can walk automatically. So it  is easy to operate and maintain.
  3. High efficiency: Production speed reach 1.3-1.5m/min, So that daily capacity can arrive 450-500 square meter.
  4. Durable wearing sparts for long service life. As we know,The key screw auger can reach more than 80,000 m, the vibration plate can do 100,000 m, and the side wall plate can do 60,000m. So you can have no worry about quality!
  5. Inevitable trend of Assembly building development.

As we know,Assembly building inquires all components are made in factory. In this way,Only After quality inspection is passed,they can be shipped to the construction site for installation. So This model can assure building quality.more importaly, it can shorten the construction period. On such trend,As one building materials equipment supplier, We devoped this Hydraulic concrete wall panel machine.

6.As the most popular size,9×60 concrete partition panel is mainly used as infilled wall in frame structure,shear wall sturcture and steel structure.

Details parts of concrete wall panel machine:details pictures of 9x60 wall panel extruder

Technical data of Hydraulic concrete wall panel machine:

Wall panel specification (mm): 90×600
Cost hole rate (%): 34
Hole number&DIA(mm):7*58
Main motor(kw): 4KW
Vibration motor(kw): 0.8KW
Weight(kg): 942

Machine Working site:

The machine can work indoor  or outdoor.Besides cement wall panel machine, other supporting machines can be choice depending on clients condition.The Supporting machines include steel bar tension machine,cement wall panel cutting machine,feeding dumper and concrete mixer,etc. Besides,The working temperature required is 5-40 degree;while The voltage is 360-440V,3 phase 50Hz.

running of cement wall panel machine-2 concrete wall panel production precast cement wall board production line

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